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Vrahode is a World of Grand Scale

Vrahode is a world of abundant and diverse biomes, each offering its own unique challenges and opportunities for adventure. Filled with forests, deserts, plains, mountains, marshes, coastlines, rivers, and badlands, Vrahode beckons to its hearty heroes, “Dare to traverse my wilds. Experience my beauty and face my dangers. Venture forth, adventurers! All that you know and love hangs in the balance!”

Explore a world as rich and diverse as the team of artists who created it! There are over 400 Overland Regions to explore, 200 Ocean Regions, and 28 self-contained macro settings for enemy encounters (including forests, plains, tundras, coasts, oceans, mountains, marshes, mesas, deserts, caverns, rivers, and dungeons).


Adventure Awaits!


Travel in Vrahode is Dangerous but Rewarding

Travel within Vrahode is fraught with danger of every kind imaginable, and some unimaginable. The world itself, and all the flora and fauna that populate it, will be the first to test you. A lot of predatory plants and animals call Vrahode home!

Even with dangerous creatures are not present, the journey itself takes its toll on even the toughest Heroes. It is always wise to travel in a group as you navigate the Overlands, Underlands, and Oceans of Vrahode. Death waits around every corner for the unwary adventurer!


Sail the High Seas of Vrahode

During ocean travel, Heroes will interact with the Sahrhune, a friendly reptilian race related to the playable races of the Drelrhune and JuAirne. The Sahrhune are the sovereign sailors of Vrahode’s oceans, their ships carrying your party wherever you wish to go on the open oceans, so long as the powers that control the weather and the other threats of the dark depths don’t stand in your way.

The Sahrhune don’t suffer dead weight and expect their guests to hoist sails alongside them, but they’ll provide enough crew to make up for the numbers you don’t bring.


Journey Across Diverse Biomes Upon
the Lands of Vrahode

While moving about the Overland map, Vrahode presents a great number of opportunities and dangers. Specific biomes provide unique occurrences which can benefit our heroes but may also place them at risk of attack by the creatures who inhabit those places.

Choosing your path carefully as you journey can be the difference between reaching your destination or becoming a timely lunch for a hungry creature.


Plunge to the Treacherous Depths of Vrahode for Treasures

The Underlands are a place of deep danger and mystery, the hidden refuge of the forgotten and those lying in wait. It takes a steady mind and a quick wit to survive a trek through these warrens of darkness and shadow.

Be wary that the denizens of the dark normally have home-field advantage and your party is the visiting team!


Bring Your Tabletop Game to Life with 3-D Terrain and an Assortment of Flats and Tiles

The Vrahode Game System boasts an impressive 28 unique and thoughtfully crafted encounter flats where all the action of battle occurs. If, for example, while traveling through the Overlands of Vrahode, if an enemy is encountered in the deep forests, a macro encounter forest flat is placed on the table. There the hero, enemy, and terrain miniatures are positioned, and over a field of one-inch squares, the battle is played out.

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