The People Behind Vrahode

Jeff Irving

Writer and Game Designer

Jeff Irving first imagined the world of Vrahode in 1990 during college at Ball State University where he studied graphic design and journalism.
Jeff is responsible for the rulebook, art direction, story direction, design and layout of the documents and creation of functional components like dashboards, Harbinger system and lore.

Shawn Dessler

Lead Writer/Game Design Consultant

Shawn A. Dressler has spent his whole life writing and telling stories and has always been drawn to the science fiction and fantasy genres.
During his ten-year career as a Landscape Architect, when he was not designing landscapes or helping communities better plan for the future, he spent his time discovering and imagining every texture that, when assembled, would comprise his fictional worlds.

David Diaz

Video Producer

David is the Founder of Mesa Game Lab, and a Board Game Designer. Before making Mesa Game Lab a full time gig, he worked in the film and television industry since 2004 on both cartoon and live action visual effects.
Recent projects include Halo, Resident Evil, Wandavision, Watchmen, and What We Do In the Shadows.

Colt Idol

Environmental Artist

An extremely talented friend and neighbor that just so happens to be one of Montana’s most beloved artists Mr. Colt Idol will be joining our team!
His painterly, colorful and dynamic environments will be featured throughout the game assets, documents and cards to give the world of Vrahode a cohesive feel!
Wanna be shocked and amazed at his mind blowing talent? Then why not check out his website!

Jason Surlock

Madcap Miniatures – Terrain Miniature Set and Quest Markers

Growing up abroad as an Army “brat” granted me a unique perspective on life and culture. Bouncing around countries left little time for friends. However, it allowed my imagination to flourish in all things fantasy and science fiction. Playing on tanks and helicopters, and shooting rifles gave way to a life of business and professionalism. Graduating with a degree in business management, I now lead two lives- by day a Director in a Fortune 50 company, by night I explore all avenues of creativity, mostly sculpting and writing.

Derek Stevens

Graphic Artist

Derek Stevens lives in NC. He has worked with many Game Studios in the past and has a shipped AAA game along with over 55 hours of class room training in concept art online. He can render a variety of styles and is always learning. Mark Rein-Hagen the creator of WOD calls him machine gun Stevens because of the rate he is able to turn around fully rendered color pictures.

Sidhartha Mallick

Logo Designer

Weathervane Games’ current project the Vrahode Game System is getting a final logo soon so we wanted to give some love to our graphic designer friend Sidhartha Mallick of 18/1 Graphic Studio of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
If you would like to see some of the other great things that Sid and the team at 18/1 are doing for other clients in the board game space then hop over to their Facebook page and prepare to be impressed!

Guilherme Holz & Ricardo Contarini

Card Art Team

We are so lucky to have Guilherme and Ricardo on the team and will be sharing their work soon as we dive deep into powerful items, deadly weapons, ornate armors and delicate herbal remedies from the lands of Vrahode.
If you are anxious to see their work now though, feel free to stop by their profiles on ArtStation! Guilherm Holz’s profile is and Ricardo Contarini’s profile is and you will see why we are excited to have them on board!

Pavel Rtischev

Character Artist

Pavel is an artist from Russia with the pseudonym Klacher Baklacher (my real name is Pavel Rtischev). He has been working in the game development industry for over 10 years and has taken part in the development of many games. The most well known are Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Total War, Warhammer 2 and 3, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2.
To see more of his work visit his portfolio:

Wayne Peters

Cartographer, Environmental Art

Wayne will be responsible for all of our macro settings where battles occur as well as artwork for room and hallways tiles in our propriety Harbinger terrain system.
Wayne’s overland macros will be subdued colors and heavy line work to match our map styling while our Harbinger artwork will feature deep ultra colorful rooms, brilliant whole room mosaics and shadowed hallways.
If you would like to learn more about his amazing and varied works then please hop over to ArtStation
and check our his robust collection at

Matheus Schwartz

Character/Creature Artist

t is time to give some love to another one of our inspired creative visual artists on the team! As I have said before our series is indeed a global effort with creatives from around the world lending their unique talents to various aspects of the Vrahode game world. Matheus, of Gaspar, SC, Brazil, will be heading up our execution of dangerous native flora/fauna which is critical to our lore!
If you want to see more of his work stop by his ArtStation profile and see just how eloquent his line work and style are and why we are so excited to have him on our team!

Andrea Tentori Montalto

Character/Creature Artist

It is time once again for shining a spotlight on our talented team. This time we focus on our other Italian artist Mr. Andrea Tentori Montalto! We are so lucky to have him and I must say he has been quite humble and easy to deal with! I look forward to seeing much more of his work as we progress toward the finish line on the series!

Beatrice Pelagatti

Creature Artist

Beatrice Pelagatti is an Italian freelance illustrator. Her adventure started during 2013 and she is mainly producing artworks for RPG publishers and Trading Card Games since then. Some of her clients include Paizo Inc., Panini Espagna, Kobold Press, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Lost Sphere Publishing, and many others. She is also a Character & Creature Design teacher at Scuola Internazionale di Comics.

Thomas Rey


I couldn’t be more excited to announce the artist that will be responsible for the overland board/map for the game! Thomas Rey from Angers, France and an exceptional and experienced cartographer, will be bringing his expertise to this amazing and epic game!
The project is really becoming a global effort to bring this narrative saga to our great backers! Go check out some of his other amazing maps and work of fine art!

Brandon Rollins


Brandon Rollins owns and runs Pangea Marketing Agency. His passion is helping small business owners and creatives share their ideas with the world using the latest technology. That means writing blog posts, making videos, running ads, setting up websites, and much more – all to help folks get their work seen by as many interested people as possible.

Dina Said So Studio


Dina Ramse and her team were excited to hop on board and help bring Vrahode to life. They are lending their specialized board game expertise in advertising, website design, editing, community building and advertising.

Jennifer A. Reuter

Illustrator, Concept and Storyboard Artist

Jennifer A. Reuter (or just Jen works too) is your Australian, Melbourne-based strident gremlin, who’s jiving through the animation and games scene with 6 years’ experience as an illustrator, concept and storyboard artist.
She’s worked for a variety of indie games and pitches, including Boss Battle Games, Video World (Things for Humans), Studio Moshi and Beyond the Veil (Sun Shadow Games), igniting projects with visual innovation and a grungy zeal.

Francesca Baerald

Artist and Cartographer

We humbly welcome Francesca Baerald to the world of Vrahode! She will be doing several village maps that will appear within our huge Campaign Book and whatever else we can talk her into! Francesca is an artist and cartographer working in the game and publishing industry for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard, Square Enix, Dark Horse, Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop and Shadowborne Games (Oathsworn).

Alessandro Belgiovine

Illustrator and Concept Artist

As we move from our initial (environmental, character, enemies, flora/fauna, map/board, card decks) art pass to populating our HUGE books with art we must seek out fresh blood and new talent and today is no exception! Weathervane Games is proud to welcome our latest addition, Mr. Alessandro Belgiovine!
His art will be sprinkled through the books that are a critical part of our products!

Moreno Paissan

Cartographer and Mapper

Moreno Paissan is 27 years old from Northern Italy. He is an accomplished freelance cartographer and mapper that has worked with some pretty heavy hitters in the board game space including Free League Publishing, Acheron Games, Tambu, Officina Meningi, Horrible Guild, AAW Games, Quality Games, Koliba Games, Kefa Studios, Exalted Funeral Press (Land of Eem) and many others.

Guilherme Nakashima

Illustrator and Concept Artist

“I’m Guilherme Nakashima, an illustrator and concept artist from Brazil. I’ve been working with art for the past couple of years, creating pieces for indie games, as well as the DnD community. Games have always been a huge part of my life, as a form of having fun and getting together with friends, so what I strive to do in this industry is provide to others these same experiences I’m so fond of.”

Jimmy Nijs

Campaign & Quest Book Artist

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jimmy’s macabre and frightening style punctuated by provacative scenes with dark colors and flowing lines instantly caught Jeff’s eye. Jimmy brings to the world of Vrahode his own brand of quirky character and malicious monsters.
“My inspirations come from anywhere, from literature, videogames, music and even fellow artists. Some of my great sources of inspiration are – among many others – Brian Froud, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Anton Pieck, Alan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft.”
You can visit his website here.

Florentyna Butler

Card Design Artist

“I’ve always loved gaming, begging siblings to play the controversial Monopoly (among others) as a child, and spending countless hours on consoles of all kinds. As I got older, console gaming took priority but when I got a job with Ridley’s Games in 2016 my love for board gaming was reignited!”

Ramon Wadry

Card Design Artist

“I am an Illustrator who has loved to draw since I was a child and today I am most fulfilled by working in the profession of my dreams. I love rich fantasy worlds and working with extraordinary themes, where my creativity can fly freely and imagine fantastic worlds
never seen before.”
“I love working with vivid colors in complex gaming worlds. I have been working in illustration for over six years and have worked extensively in various mediums from books to animations to games.”

Matt Paquette

Crowdfunding Expert

Matt Paquette & Company is a boutique creative studio based in Ottawa, Canada, specializing in tabletop games. Their expertise lies in crafting captivating gameplay experiences through immersive art and player-focused design. With over 100 credits on BoardGameGeek (BGG), they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry.

Recognized as a leading creative agency, their passion for delivering exceptional tabletop games shines through in every project they undertake. Matt Paquette & Company’s commitment to innovation and dedication to enriching the gaming community have solidified their position as a respected force in the world of tabletop gaming.

You can visit his website here.

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