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Launching on Kickstarter
October 2024
What is Vrahode?
A World 32 Years in the Making, All for You

The world of Vrahode was created in 1990 by Jeff Irving, inspired by Epic Fantasy novels and tabletop games. Jeff studied fine arts, graphic design, and journalism at Ball State University and applied his education and passions to the world of Vrahode.

The result is a unique world filled with creatures, races, and lands unlike anything seen before, free from tired and overused fantasy tropes. The board game series and expansive gaming system where players experience huge multi-quest campaigns that sprawl over the heights and depths of this mysterious world!

For 1-6 players, playtime: 60-90min, Age: 14+

Adventure Like No Other
Vrahode Game System

Vrahode is an expansive board game series and system where players choose from six play modes and four difficulty levels to experience the heights and depths of this mysterious world on your terms!

For 1-6 players, playtime: 45-120min, Ages: 12+

Why call it a game system?


We developed a robust tool kit for our storytellers to bring the world of Vrahode to life and we give that same tool kit to you for creating your own adventures! Share your custom campaigns, quests and heroes with others in the Vrahode community on our FREE forums!

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