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Join over 2,000 other gamers to learn what rich and mysterious journey awaits you.

What Is Vrahode?

Vrahode is a board game series and expansive gaming system where players experience huge multi-quest campaigns that sprawl over the heights and depths of this mysterious world!

For 1-6 players, playtime: 60-90min, Age: 14+

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A World 32 Years in the Making, All for You

The world of Vrahode was created in 1990 by Jeff Irving, inspired by Epic Fantasy novels and tabletop games. Jeff studied fine arts, graphic design, and journalism at Ball State University and applied his education and passions to the world of Vrahode.

The result is a unique world filled with creatures, races, and lands unlike anything seen before, free from tired and overused fantasy tropes.

Jeff has assembled a team of writers and artists from around the world to enhance the world’s texture and vibrancy. He’s teamed up with epic fantasy author Shawn Dressler to bring the story to life in enthralling detail.

Vrahode is a Game Series AND a Game System

Vrahode isn’t just a fantasy world. It’s also a game system that invites players to create their own quests and expand the world’s lore.

Our “open door policy” allows players to customize hero builds or choose from presets. The world map numbering system makes it easy to create precise, and easy-to-follow quest chains across the Overlands, Oceans, and Underlands of Vrahode. Our terrain miniatures and huge assortments of flats and tiles will ensure that you can create an ever-evolving world where each encounter is different from the last.

Beautiful Components to Draw You Into the World

With Vrahode, we want to pack as much gameplay and variety into the box as humanly possible. We extend this philosophy to our components as well.

Players will enjoy a huge array of 3D dungeon spaces, exciting miniatures, Harbinger tiles, and many more wonderful items to keep gameplay fresh even after countless hours and quests.

Forget the Fiddly Mechanics & Complex Rules

With Vrahode, playing fantasy games is a breeze. Say goodbye to complex rulebooks with arbitrary rules. We’ve stripped down game mechanics to the core, keeping only what matters.

The rules are woven into the campaign, taught at a manageable pace, or easily accessible with the Quick Start Guide if you prefer to play one-off quests. Play immediately and strategize endlessly with endless storytelling opportunities.

A Fresh New Fantasy World With New Lore, Races & Creatures

Vrahode offers a fresh take on fantasy with all-new heroes, villains, creatures, and lore. Everything from the concept of the Calteeryn to the Harbinger Terrain System, which allows the game to be played in three dimensions, are brand new.

In short, Vrahode is a world untethered from fantasy cliches, offering a completely new narrative.

The Artfully Designed Fantasy World of Vrahode

The richly detailed world of Vrahode has been brought to life through hundreds of artworks from creators all over the world. The world of Vrahode is many things – beautiful and hideous, awe-inspiring and horrific. And it comes across in everything from the dynamic card decks to the creatures, playable races, and enemies.

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