This Is How Mountains Work in Vrahode

There are seven distinct biomes or terrain groups in the world of Vrahode. Six exist across the Overlands and the seventh is the biome we call the Underlands. In this article, we’ll focus on the mountains.

A large part of development for the Vrahode Game System came in crafting the uniqueness of each of these biomes so that gameplay is different in each one. The travel differs, the enemies differ, and many of the basic items differ. We did this to create a world that felt more alive and had more depth than what most fantasy adventure games typically offer.

Here are the biomes that we see on Vrahode:

  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • River/Marsh/Coastal
  • Desert/Badlands
  • Icy/Tundra
  • Plains
  • Underlands
Vrahode Map
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Mountains run through all major land masses across the lands of Vrahode. Duwora, the Tailward-most island, is home to The Weathering Wall, The Spine, and Sisters’ Watch mountains. Renduur, the largest central landmass, hosts Saheer’s Range, Stormbreak Ridge, The Tailward Plunge, The Central Renduur Range, The Shadowed Peaks, and The Old Range. Prehaar, is the Leafward home to The Forgotten Mountains. The Leafward-most Arcaviticus island chain is home to the only actively volcanic mountain on Vrahode called The God Forge. Iceward Nyrillin is home to the White Wall mountains.

Traveling the mountains of Vrahode is dangerous

Travel in any mountains on Vrahode is difficult. A hero or party may enter a new mountain region each turn, it is exhausting to do so. Traveling in the mountains causes players to accumulate two fatigue points instead of just one which is typical of other biomes. This can be mitigated to just one fatigue with certain items such as Climbing Gear.

The creatures that inhabit mountains are tough, perhaps the toughest in all the Overlands! They must live in and hunt in a harshness few could endure. You will find the Mountain Shrike – a large predatory bird that will swoop down to make a meal of the unwary. There is the Prowler – a rugged and stealthy big cat with a double attack and Cruel Claws action that can cause a nasty bleed effect. Then there is the enormous and deadly Ridge Runner which has a brutal double attack and carries a deadly affliction called Segnis. As if that was not enough, there is also the Chardrak Fledgling – a huge batlike creature with a nasty bite that also carries random afflictions! These merciless creatures are all included from the beginning of the series and will be joined by other even deadlier enemies as the story and series unfolds.

Mountains are home to most of the Legendary Creatures in the Overlands of Vrahode. Though you won’t typically run into Legendary Creatures without being on a quest for them, it is easy to see why they would call the inhospitable mountain ranges of Vrahode home as they watch the goings on of the world below from their places of refuge and uncontested sovereignty! 

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