This Is How Forests Work in Vrahode

There are seven distinct biomes or terrain groups in the world of Vrahode. Six exist across the Overlands and the seventh is the biome we call the Underlands. In this article, we’ll focus on the forests.

A large part of development for the Vrahode Game System came in crafting the uniqueness of each of these biomes so that gameplay is different in each one. The travel differs, the enemies differ, and many of the basic items differ. We did this to create a world that felt more alive and had more depth than what most fantasy adventure games typically offer.

Here are the biomes that we see on Vrahode:

  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • River/Marsh/Coastal
  • Desert/Badlands
  • Icy/Tundra
  • Plains
  • Underlands
Vrahode Map
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The forests of Vrahode are rather diverse. There are areas of the map such as Renduur, the main land mass, which boasts numerous large yet isolated forests like The Upper and Lower Harnwood, The Ghostwood, Stormwatchers Forest, The Sheltering Woods, and The Tobryn Forest. Then there are large land masses such as Duwora or Prahaar that are essentially completely forested. Prahaar is host to the only fungal-type forest on Vrahode called the Darkened Grove, which is home to one of the six playable races the Mynoc. Only one large landmass is completely devoid of forests and that is the far Iceward island of Nyrillin.

Traveling the forests of Vrahode brings unique challenges

With regard to travel in forests, they are not a particularly harsh place to journey through. Each turn, a hero or party will travel one forest region and incur one fatigue, which is the typical movement/fatigue we see.

The creatures that inhabit forests are different from any other biome and offer unique challenges to heroes as they adventure. In the initial game, Vrahode – Calteeryn Ascension, the forests are home to the Noctursa – a hulking owl-like beast that preys on adventurers from above in the canopy. There is also the Sporehound – a bizarre fungal canine that, in packs, can be quite ferocious. Next, we have the Rangora  – an enormous thundering charger perfectly camouflaged for life in the trees. Then there is the Greater Angler Plant, a towering leafy menace with multiple attacks. More diverse and challenging creatures will join these as the series progresses!

Forests, though full of dangers, can be a source of great reward! Forests offer the highest chance of any Overland biome to find items and they also offer the widest array of Regional Items that have potent medicinal properties!

Sometimes you will be able enter regions that feature forests mixed with other region types. In those cases, you may choose which type of biome you wish to travel through. Though forests can carry slightly more risks than other biomes, they are also a great place to stock up on needed supplies for your dangerous adventures!

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