Vrahode is a vast world. It’s time for you to start exploring.

Vrahode is Carefully Crafted to Immerse You in an Epic Adventure

Vrahode is a world of never-before-seen creatures and all-new playable races. It’s also a world on the brink of great peril. For those who love diving straight into stories, you will be immediately immersed in an unfolding epic adventure that takes place over the four-box Vrahode Game Series.

You and your gaming group can be the driving force in the story. The story-driven campaign is specially curated to introduce you to all the diverse Game Modes and Quest Types within the Vrahode Game System.

Journey Far and Wide Upon the Overlands

The world of Vrahode is marked by vast swaths of diverse terrain, taking place over many biomes. Overland Exploration Quests are handled by the Exploration Deck system, which allows Heroes to face procedurally generated challenges, discover life-saving items, and – sometimes – get drawn into battle. All from the draw of a card.

Along the way, you must manage your fatigue with the Overland Rest system, lest you find yourself no more than baggage for your party. When you have survived the rugged wilds and reached your destination, the struggles have only begun. The Overland Exploration Quests are an ever-changing lineup of Objectives, making each Quest unique and difficult.

Sink into the Underlands for Nonstop Dungeon Onslaughts

Overland Exploration Quests are formidable, but Underland Dungeon Quests are nonstop onslaughts. Even the most seasoned gamers will have their mettle tested by a cast of great dangers being sent at the worst times. Indeed, each completed Dungeon Quest will feel like an achievement worth celebrating.

Underland Dungeon Quests feature a haunting collection of Enemies, all inhabiting tight spaces, sprawling underground cave systems, and great labyrinths. Don’t forget to look over your shoulder, lest the Wandering Monster sneak up on you and your party.

Sail the Seas of Vrahode with the Ocean Exploration Deck

Danger at sea is rare, but devastating when it occurs. There are few monsters in the entire game series who can compare to the sheer power and danger posed by those of the dark watery depths of Vrahode’s Oceans.

A plethora of challenges, dangers, surprises, and adventures await the brave Heroes willing to hoist sail alongside Captain Tentori on his ship, the Lady Virtue.

Even Sleep is an Adventure with Rest Encounters

Whether traveling through the Overland or braving the shadowy depths of Vrahode’s Underland, managing Fatigue in Vrahode’s unique Rest system is critical to your Hero’s survival. But nothing comes easy in the wilds of Vrahode. Even rest presents the danger of an Enemy Encounter.

Rest Encounters differ from every other Encounter type in several ways. The most notable is that Heroes and Enemies spawn into the Encounter Map using our handsome Campfire Miniature. With the right Heroes and Skills present in your adventure party, you’ll be able to avoid Ambushes and get the rest you need to venture further into the dangers of Vrahode.

Take a Break from the Story Arc with Side-Quests

Many times throughout the four-box story arc of the Vrahode Game Series, Heroes will be introduced to optional quests. These are tied to the overall Campaign, but not required to be completed in order to finish the story and save the world. Hence Side-Quests.

While not required, think long and hard before skipping Side-Quests. You can learn valuable information and reap great rewards from them, making your Heroes stronger against the formidable dangers ahead. Some of the Side-Quests are strictly story-driven branches of the main Campaign thread, and others are available as solo play quests, such as Missions, Skirmishes, and Ancient Errands.

Enjoy One-Off Vrahode Experiences with Missions

Playing the Campaign offers a story-driven, exploration-based, adventure that spans the world of Vrahode. Missions provide Players with repeatable, one-off quest experiences for lighter gameplay.

Missions can be played when encountered during the Campaign or at any other time a Player decides to play them once unlocked. While tied to the main story, because Missions may be played separately, they may also be returned to as often as desired.

Fight for Your Life in Skirmishes

Skirmishes are another exciting quest type built into the Vrahode Game System. Skirmishes are like Missions in many ways. They are tied to the story of the Campaign and are introduced to Players as you proceed through the story.

They may be played or skipped at the discretion of the Player without sacrificing progression through the Campaign. Like Missions, completing Skirmishes results in Rewards that stay with the Hero, and Skirmishes may be replayed as many times as desired.

Handle the Secret Affairs of the Order of the Ancients through Ancient Errands

Ancient Errands are just one more of the quest types available within the Vrahode Game System. Triggered only via Exploration Cards, where Skirmishes are akin to miniature Missions, Ancient Errands are much like a smaller version of Skirmishes in structure. Ancient Errands are quick side-missions that usually play out on a single Tile or Flat, and often within one Room or Hallway. All Ancient Errands are given by members of the secret society, the Order of the Ancients.

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