The six playable races of Vrahode


Crafted from the forests of Renduur, it is there the Toreln ruhl is focused. Some have mistaken a still Toreln for a shrub or tree, but do not lean your head against these hardened watches of the woods, or it may be your last rest.


Crafted from the vast Darkened Grove of Prahaar, the Mynoc are the ruhl masters of spore and mycelium. They are one and they are many, each member of the Mynoc calling upon the great connected existence that is their home.


Crafted from the swift creatures of the windy plains of Renduur, the Cautuuk are the lithe and agile gallopers of the tufted hills. Their ruhl is of the battering winds and storms which all others fear.


Crafted from the bloodthirsty creatures and the cold, gardened stone of the darkest caves and caverns beneath the Howling Mesa, the Athak-uul use their ruhl to manipulate and control the minds of their victims. They whisper their words into the drafty shadows and the shadows speak them back with power.


These smooth-skinned reptiles are masters of the insect-infested fens of Lost Elder Marsh. Their ruhl grants them the manipulation of water… and those who are in it.


These diminutive creatures share strong bonds with even the most dangerous predators on their remote islands of Duwora. Creatures that all other races might flee, the Mahorii may call upon to protect themselves, their family, even their fellow Heroes.

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