The Friendly Races of Vrahode

While not playable (for this four-box game series), these races are often the salve to our Heroes’ soreness and the quench to their thirst. Many times, the friendly NPCs of Vrahode may offer the just-right aid players need in their efforts to thwart powerful enemies and save the world from impending darkness.

Players must venture to seek them out in their far-flung haunts across the world, but if they are successful, the reward will be well worth the effort.


Slow-moving and slower to anger, these Accourisch-crafted stone hulks draw their ruhl from the very rocky layers around them, but don’t let their patient movements lull you, or you just might become another layer of dirt for the ground the Chorne are formed of.


These tiny-winged creatures live in swarms among the plants and vines of Vrahode, focusing their ruhl on manipulating growing things to their collective will. Other small beings, such as the buzzing and crawling insects of the forests, may often be found in service to these crafty tricksters.


Cousins to the Drelrhune, these rugged lizard-like creatures live among the many islands scattered throughout the oceans of Vrahode. Their ruhl is one part connected to the waters surrounding their island homes and another part steeped in the fire that sometimes erupts from them.


One of the few races native to Vrahode to survive the many forgotten atrocities of this world. Their way of life was decimated by a powerful enemy, but not extinguished.

Now they seek revenge from their shadows places and offer their aid to the heroes who have become the enemy of their enemy. Theirs is a vital assistance… but it comes at a price.


In an age long past, like so many others, the Quayaun came to Vrahode with their eyes set on domination and control. But it was their wisdom, greater than many others, which saved them from the common fate of those that came before.

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