What is Vrahode: The Enlightened & The Enslaved?

The Enlightened and The Enslaved is the first expansion (second box of four) in the Vrahode Game Series and follows directly on the heels of the Vrahode: The Calteeryn Ascension core box. Along with the second installation in the sweeping epic fantasy story arc, we packed each of the additional boxes with real value. Opening box two, you’ll find a ton of new enemies, new cards for many of the decks, more encounter maps, lots of additional Harbinger components, a new Campaign & Quest book, new miniatures, new interesting characters, and a whole lot more we just can’t tell you about without spoiling the fun! Suffice to say, we’ve learned from the sins of our predecessors who routinely hook players with the core box, then sell them expensive and lackluster sequels. In the Vrahode Game Series and System, we aim to exceed expectations with every installment.

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