What is Vrahode: The Calteeryn Ascension?

The Calteeryn Ascension is the first of a four-box game series, the “core box”. It introduces the diverse and dangerous world of Vrahode, the extensive but streamlined game system, and the majority of the miniatures and game pieces needed to enjoy all aspects of the game. In this first box, you’ll experience unique mechanics, such as the Calteeryn, a prophesied character, foretold in the ancient unknown past to be born into the world of Vrahode from one of the ten crafted races and eventually lead the races in protecting Vrahode from a great evil. The origins of this prophecy are murky and lost to time as the game begins. The victory condition of the Calteeryn Ascension campaign, if you choose to complete it, is to help Calteeryn learn the ruhl of each of the ten crafted races and defeat the great lurking evil.

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