What is the Harbinger Gaming Terrain System?

The Harbinger is a simple, modular plastic terrain system that allows players to explore three dimensional dungeons and indoor spaces. Harbinger tiles (stairs, stair risers, rooms and hallway tiles) are assembled using small connectors called keys. Stairs are made functional for miniatures (up to 1″ base size) through the use of Stair Tread tiles which are clear tiles that miniatures can rest on while keeping the stairs underneath at the proper scale. All room and hallway tiles are covered with vinyl full color artwork so no painting is required and grid pattern is also present for accurate movement. Plastic pegs of predefined lengths elevate tiles to desired heights. Each box in the game series includes numerous Harbinger components to build dungeons of increasing complexity. The second expansion Vrahode: Facing The Storm also includes a four piece dungeon riser that elevates an entire 18 X 18″ flat to the chosen height! Balustrades will be provided to give line of sight to levels below and open up the dynamics of inter-level combat!

Future plans to further develop the Harbinger Gaming Terrain System are already in the works. Stay tuned for more information!

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