How challenging will the Vrahode Game System be?

While it is not the goal of our team to make Vrahode unplayably difficult, the series will not cater to those looking for a leisurely stroll through flowered fields. For many reasons, the Vrahode Game Series and System will be decidedly difficult. The “fail forward” conditions present and in many cases unnecessarily rewarding in so many other games, will not be present in Vrahode. The ability to mitigate risk through dice is nowhere in our game. Even the humblest enemies can truly threaten death for the unseasoned Hero or traveling party. In addition, many of the ways we’ve increased replayability and unpredictability in our series also contribute to an increased challenge level. All in all, Vrahode is a game in which every reward and every advancement is hard earned. But fear not, if things get too tough, running away from a losing battle and gaining some more provision and experience before returning is often an option.

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