A Quick Overview of the Underland Rest Deck

Perhaps the most important deck and mode of play in all of Vrahode is the Underland Rest Deck. Due to the constant stress and strain on the heroes, getting good rest is critical to the success of an adventurer or party!

As we have previously noted, the Underlands can be a dangerous place. At times, depending on where your party is during an Underland quest, it may be difficult to get away from the constant threat of enemies and find a safe place to rest…but you must! A safe place often is a room/space with doors that may be locked! This helps prevents enemies from ambushing you while you recharge.

The Mathematics Behind The Underland Rest Deck

The Underland Rest Deck, much like the Overland Rest Deck, is designed to help the heroes reduce fatigue, heal, and recover their ruhl. It is also an opportunity for us at Weathervane Games to introduce some more fun, excitement and texture to your play in the world of Vrahode. To underscore the dangerous differences between rest in the Overland and rest in the Underland, let’s compare the math between these two important decks.

Overland Rest DeckUnderland Rest Deck
Restful Sleep56%40%
Restless Sleep16%20%

As you can see, the odds of sleeping well are much lower in the Underlands, and the odds of being a victim of thieves or an ambush are much higher!

Set A Watch To Stay Safe At Night (Maybe)

Just as with the Overland Rest Deck, having someone on watch is not a bad idea! With someone on watch, an ambushing enemy doesn’t appear next to the hero drawing the card. They still show up, but they don’t get a free attack prior to initiative! Instead, they spawn in the space outside the nearest door or opening. If someone is on watch, then Thieves Cards may be discarded, avoiding the embarrassing loss of inventory items!

Just remember, however, that whoever is on watch must pass an alertness check before each card is drawn from the Underlands Rest Deck. If they have no fatigue, they only need to avoid rolling a -3 on a modifier die. If they have 1 fatigue, they must roll a -1 or higher. If they have 2 fatigue, they must roll a +1 or higher, and so on. It really helps to have heroes take turns with serving as watch as their needs for rest and fatigue levels dictate. Going to sleep with this deck will likely cause pain to the group! Keep in mind that, without a hero on watch, the odds of drawing a card with a negative outcome from the Underlands Rest Deck is 40% – let that sink in!

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